Vladimir Ribakov's Forex Products, Services and Offers

Vladimir's online Forex products listed below, can be promoted via Clickbank or via the Top Forex Affiliates Club.

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Top Forex Affiliates Club Products & Offers

  • Divergence University (release date: 16th of Oct 2012)
  • Description:

    A top notch comprehensive course that provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn advanced trading directly from a proven successful trader. The course is based on the popular World Forex Seminars and focuses on Vladimir’s most effective trading techniques, based on Divergence analysis. This unique course has over 20 hours of video tutorials, practices, exams and Divergence Trader Certificate for graduates.

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  • Live Coaching Marathon (Coming soon).
  • Description:

    For a complete day, a group of traders gets the opportunity to learn from Vladimir LIVE a specific and unique strategy. This unique event will be scheduled from time to time, following the success of a pilot Vladimir has done on June 2012.

    The first Live Coaching Marathon day which Vladimir named as 'Sell The Rally - Buy The Valley!' proved a huge success and we are planning to make more such days in the future. The first Live Coaching Marathon wasn't open for affiliates promotion, and anyway all seats were filled within minutes. However due to many affiliate’s requests, we are planning to add it to our Top Forex Affiliates program soon.

  • Vladimir's Forex Newsletter (Cost Per Lead campaign - coming soon)
  • Description:

    Vladimir's Forex Newsletter provides its subscribers with unique and high quality insights about the Forex and Commodities market, and about Vladimir’s trades and strategies. CLICK HERE to check out the landing page for the newsletter.

    As a member of the Top Forex Affiliates program, we are planning to offer you as an affiliate, a lucrative Cost-Per-Lead model. This model will be launched very soon, and all details will be sent to you after you subscribe to Vladimir's Affiliates Newsletter.

Clickbank Products

  • Forex Signals & Mentoring
  • Description:

    The #1 online signals service, featuring: automated signals, daily Live Trading Room, comprehensive Forex education, webinars and vast online videos library.

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  • Forex LST System
  • Description:

    The LST System, pioneered by Vladimir Ribakov, is a hybrid strategy based on powerful and automated divergence analysis and statistics, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of market prices. Package contains a revolutionary trading simulator that enables the trader to truly master the strategy without any risk.

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  • sRs Trend Rider
  • Description:

    Vladimir’s first semi-automated, Hybrid Forex Strategy that have shown the light to many traders, proving them that it is possible to extract money from the Forex Market, even as a home-based trader as opposed to big players.

    The sRs Trend Rider was declared as one of the best Forex strategies released, with praise on even the most critical and objective websites such as the Forex Peace Army community, with excellent reviews by happy traders.

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  • Pips Carrier
  • Description:

    The sequel to Vladimir’s sRs, this Hybrid Forex Strategy is also semi-automated, however more targeted at medium and long term traders who do not have the time to check the market during the day.

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  • Broker Nightmare Suite
  • Description:

    Description: A suite of trading tools that protects Forex traders from being abused and cheated by dishonest brokers.

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Allies Products & Services

  • Forex Trading For All (3 Top Notch Forex Courses)
  • Description:

    Learn trading from home, for free! Three top notch Forex courses teach trading from the basics right down to advanced techniques. Lessons written by the industry’s top traders and educators.

    The courses are free, but as an affiliate you will see multiple sales from each lead, as opposed to regular products you promote, where you see just a single sale from each promotion.

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