About Professional Trader Vladimir Ribakov & Team

Trading Background and Experience

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional Forex & Commodities trader with 11 years of experience trading for hedge funds, brokers and financial institutions.

In recent years, Vladimir has stopped providing his trading for institutions, and decided to trade independently for a living.

When Vladimir was exposed to the online community of self-traders, and realized the need for serious and professional guidance, he took the challenge and started mentoring traders and publicizing his trading strategies.

Today Vladimir publishes his popular personal trading blog www.VladimirRibakov.com and heads his Forex Signals & Mentoring club where he provides trades live on a daily basis, plus online Live Trading Room.

Over the years, Vladimir released an impressive selection of tools, software and e-books, being enjoyed by tens of thousands of trades worldwide, from beginners to advanced:

  • The Broker Nightmare Suite (release year: 2009)
  • Personal Forex Trading Blog (release year: 2009)
  • sRs Trend Rider strategy & software (release year: 2010)
  • The Pips Carrier strategy & software (Release year: 2010)
  • Forex Signals & Mentoring (release year: 2011)
  • Vladimir's Forex Newsletter (release year: 2010)
  • World Forex Seminars (release year: 2011)
  • Divergence University (coming soon…)
  • Live Training Marathons (release year: 2012)

From his social networks to his blog, Vladimir provides free content to traders, beginners and advanced alike, and has accumulated a vast online following.

Credentials as a Mentor and Trader

A quick Google search will immediately testify to the excellent reputation Vladimir Ribakov has gained over the years of his online activities.

During this time, he has trained numerous traders around the world, and lead the way to an honest and profitable Forex scene. Vladimir’s lectures are highly sought after, and he is regularly being invited to lecture and hold seminars.

One of the first questions from those who are not members of Vladimir's community: is he a consistently profitable trader?

The answer to this question can be found in this undisputable performance statements: Click Here to View Performance. (trades are updated automatically online!)

In the link above, you can examine a detailed trade-by-trade breakdown of every single trade Vladimir has taken since the establishment of his Forex Signals & Mentoring club, plus all the trades Vladimir called in real time during his daily Live Trading Room sessions.

Vladimir is most proud of the ability to pass on his knowledge and experience to his students. You can clearly see it reflected in all the emails, facebook posts, forum posts and other testimonials found here: Click Here to Watch Testimonials & Feedbacks